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Interior/ Exterior Athletic Equipment

Basketball Equipment

ceiling suspended basketball structures, control systems, motors, wall mounted backstops, backboards, goals, outdoor goose neck basketball systems, portable basketball systems & residential basketball systems

Volleyball Equipment

ceiling suspended volleyball systems, floor sleeve volleyball systems, sand volleyball systems, accessories, badminton and tennis

Divider Curtains, Baseball Batting Cages/Equipment and Netting Enclosures

key operated divider curtains, perimeter netting, ceiling suspended batting cages, custom batting cages, outdoor batting tunnels, foul poles, wind screens, field covers, baseball training and protective equipment

Padding – Wrestling Mats

custom logo padding, standard wall pads, corner pads, column pads, stage padding, post padding and wrestling mats

Football/Soccer Equipment

football uprights, portable soccer goals, permanent soccer goals, backyard soccer, wheel kits, corner flags and anchors

Aluminum Seating

portable and permanent bench seating, portable 2-4 row aluminum bleachers and outdoor 5-10 row aluminum bleacher systems

Seating Systems and Scoring Tables

Scoring Tables

in-bleacher scoring tables, freestanding scoring tables, angled-front scoring tables, scrolling advertising scoring tables, and illuminated podiums

Player Chairs

high back stools, folding player chairs, stools and chair storage trucks

Scoreboards and Display Products


aquatics, baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, rodeo, soccer, squash, tennis, track, volleyball, and wrestling scoreboards


accents, character generator, logo/sponsor panels, message centers, scorer’s tables, software, sound systems and video

Track & Field - Performance Training

Athletic Equipment

hurdles, pole vault systems, high jump systems, discuss cages & equipment, take off boards & toe boards, starting blocks, transport carts and storage carts

Performance Training

football training aids, strength and conditioning & training equipment

Flooring & Surfaces - Outdoor Shelters

Maple Sports Flooring

resiliency options (pads), anchored flooring systems and floating floor systems

Synthetic Systems

fieldhouse flooring, track surfacing, multi-purpose flooring, rubber weight room flooring and recycled rubber flooring

Outdoor Shelters

steel and wood shelters, gazebos, dugouts, timber buildings and bridges

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